Omo Hand Washing Powder(27g)

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Omo Hand Washing Powder(27g)

Omo Hand Washing Powder(27g)

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Omo Hand Washing Powder(27g)

  • Powerful stain removal
  • Soft on colors
  • Ingredients: Surfactants, builders, silicates, anti-redisposition agent (>0.5%), enzymes, perfume, optical brighteners.


Wash instruction for best results

  • Make sure you treat that stubborn stain as soon as you can
  • Make sure that the powder is fully dissolved before use
  • To make your washing easier, soak for 30min to remove all the tough stains   

Did you know?

  • The surface active ingredients in omo are biodegradable, which means it is not harmful to the earth
  • Omo cleans perfectly in cold water, letting you save lots of electricity and money 


  • If omo gets in your eyes, flush with water
  • If swallowed, drink milk and see a doctor straight away

Manufacturer: Unilever manufacturing plc

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